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Published on July 5, 2008 By Scarefishcrow In Websites

Whether you are just learning, a professional, or simply interested in Art and Artists, then you absolutely must visit the most outstanding cyberforum for Artists,!

Started in the late 90's and now with nearly 150,000 registered members (registration free) and nearly 7 million threaded posts online, this site provides a veritable grab bag of resources for artists and art lovers, with channels that specialize in virtually every conceivable area of art and art medium.

The friendly, civil and community spirit of this site is maintained by no tolerance for impolite, rude, discourteous or unfriendly behaviour on the part of its users.  Thus, it fosters a friendly, but intellectually challenging environment for discussing, displaying, learning, posting, producing and viewing the works of artists of all levels of experience and styles.

Channels offer subforums with Classrooms, Discussion, Critiques, Help with quesions, Demonstrations, and more.  The major channels are listed below and guests can browse all they want without registering.  But registering, providing only the personal information you wish to share is free and allows you to interract with one of the most interesting and helpful major forums on the internet.  (And I have been using the internet since its beginnings in the pre-WWW days!). This is the ONLY place I have ever felt drawn into posting and interracting in a forum. 

Having come to art late in life, I have learned more in less than 6 months on this forum than in nearly 8 years of reading and self study.


If you are interested in Art, this is a MUST SEE site!


Links to major channels below:



Abstract/Contemporary Art


Oil Painting


Critique Center

Oil Pastels

Airbrush Art

Debates, Art & Society, etc.


All Media Art Events

Decorative Arts/Murals/Faux

Pen & Ink/Caligraphy

Animal & Wildlife Art

Digital Art


Art Business

Drawing & Sketching

Plein Air

Art History

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art


Art Schools/Students

Fiber Arts


Artist Marketplace

Figure, The

Scratchboard Art

Artwork from Life



Cafe Guerbois

Glass Art

Southwest/Western Art

Casein/Gouache/Egg Tempera


Still Life, The

Classical Art


Inspirational Art

Studio Tips & Framing



Teacher's Toolbox

Color Theory & Mixing

Marine Art


Colored Pencil

Miniature Art

WC! Events

Composition & Design

Mixed Media/Alt. Materials/Other

WC! Site Discussions


New User Channel


Wearable Art

on Jul 05, 2008
every link comes up as 404

probably cuz all your links show you as the host

for example:

you show the link for Abstract/Contemporary Art


when it should be:

all your links are wrong
on Jul 05, 2008
on Jul 05, 2008
Jafo 'could' edit all those...but has a leaves it to the Op to correct....
on Jul 05, 2008
I think it's a Stardock site-wide url parsing error (when using the insert link button). It's happened to me on several occasions now. Have to do all my links manually in raw html.
on Jul 06, 2008
I think it's a Stardock site-wide url parsing error (when using the insert link button).

I've seen this many times as well. I don't think the OP made an error.