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Brief observations about forums and acronyms.
Published on July 11, 2008 By Scarefishcrow In Websites

As those unfortunate enough to have been lured into this blog have probably already figured out, I have no idea what or why I'm doing this except that everybody else seems to have a BLOG and I feel....Well, sort of like I must not be a "complete" person if I don't have one.  Notwithstanding that I probably have absolutely nothing profound to say and generally produce considerable amounts of verbage telling people that read this that fact.

The curious thing to me is that people still come by to read it.  If I can't really figure out why I'm sitting here writing this stuff, then what kind of boring life do the people that take the time to read it have??  (Mind you,  however boring your life might be, mine is surely one level higher on Life's Ho Hum Richter (sp??) scale! So PLEASE don't take that as an insult, because that would mean I'm insulting myself at the same time!)

Now, there you have it!  What kind of warped mind does it take to actually write a paragraph like the last one?  I wrote it and I still am not sure what I just said!  So, I beg those who might potentially be tempted to "flame" me for my commentary, please don't.  I am highly flammable and they are currently rebuilding the closest firehouse after an ambulance ran through one wall last year!  "Flaming" someone like me would be beneath the dignity of any self respecting "flamer"; I mean it would be tantamount to shooting wildlife tied to a tree so it couldn't run away...what sport would there be in it?  Not exactly the kind of thing you would want  brag about and send a link to your friends that also like to produce "flaming gems".  It would be more like a "flaming rhinestone" and only embarass you more than it could possibly make me look dumber than what I'm already doing does. (?????)

So much for the "brief"  in the subtitle.  What I was going to comment on was the phenomenon of Internet Acronyms.   As a regular in one of the WetCanvas! art forums I answer questions from new users frequently even though I'm pretty green at the Forum scene myself and don't know all the "lingo" and "emoticons" and incredible number of acronyms people use in making posts. 

(BTW, I checked my links and they worked!)

 So last night someone asked what the acronym WDE in WetCanvas! posts meant.  What follows is an edited copy of my reply, ergo, the title of this now far too long babble.  So I bid you farewell and leave you with a bit of self deprecating wit (or witlessness, take your choice):

Originally Post
What is WDE please?

Well, the truth is I havd NO idea and never asked myself (but had I asked myself, it wouln't have gotten me anywhere since I don't know the answer()  ).

So it is great to have people around like you to ask those questions newbies wonder about but just don't ask.

I had to do a little detective work ( ) but discovered that it stands for (with some variation) Weekend (Weekly?) Drawing Event (WDE) where someone posts a bunch of RI's (Reference Images) to a thread and people are supposed to draw/sketch them over a certain period of time. Found this link that gives the Guidlines and figure you can take it from there:

I have never participated, but I think others in this forum frequently do WDE's.

All of which brings to mind an idea that we should have a central glossary of WC! and general Forum ACRONYMs, you know, GOLPUTSALOTOTI

For the uninitiated, GOLPUTSALOTOTI = "Groups Of Letters People Use To Save A Lot Of Time Typing On The Internet"

So you see, instead of taking up all the time to type ACRONYM, I can simply type GOLPUTSALOTOTI and save much of the time I WOULD have spent typing out the full word ACROYNM!

WARNING: This post contains higher than the FDA RDAOS (Food and Drug Administration's Reccomended Daily Allowance Of Sarcasm).   

on Jul 11, 2008
Jafo's life is an acronym ....